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Meet Dr. Michael Lundergan

“My goal is to get sick people well.”

Madison Chiropractor Dr. Michael Lundergan

Dr. Michael Lundergan

Like many chiropractors, Madison chiropractor Dr. Lundergan discovered the healing benefits of chiropractic suffering through an injury of his own. Dr. Lundergan was involved in a car accident when he was 18 years old and suffered from a stiff neck as a result.

Over the short term, the pain subsided; however, while lifting weights in the gym six months later, his neck locked up on him, and over the counter medications just weren’t helping. “None of the medications helped, but seeing a chiropractor did,” he shares. “What he did after the first visit was 10 times better than any medication I took.”

At that point, Dr. Lundergan knew he wanted to make chiropractic his career.

The Appeal of Chiropractic

Dr. Lundergan was committed to helping patients, and chiropractic held more appeal than other medical fields. “I liked that I would be able to work with my hands and achieve benefits for patients that they couldn’t get anywhere else.”

He completed his chiropractic training at Logan College of Chiropractic, now Logan University. “What I enjoyed most about my time at Logan was the hands-on clinical experience. By palpating so many different people, it became easy to tell when something was out of place in the body.”

Dedicated to Service and Family

Dr. Lundergan has been practicing since 1998 and truly loves being a chiropractor because of the peoples’ lives that change through chiropractic care. When he’s not in the office, Dr. Lundergan serves as a proud member of the National Guard.

In his free time, Dr. Lundergan enjoys staying active with his family. Together, they like to swim, ski, or go hiking or biking.

Dr. Lundergan would love to share with you the healing benefits of chiropractic care. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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